Your body is unique...your healthcare should be too
Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Medicine
We take time to get to know you & design a plan that fits exactly who you are.

What People Are Saying About Dr. Sandell

"Senstive, Thorough, Dr. Sandell is wonderful at working with you in determining what strategy will be most successful for you."

"Dr. Sandell's knowledge of the body, mind & energy and the reasons why symptoms manifest in the body amaze me. She is a gifted healer."

"Dr. Sandell is very professional and really knows how to better her patient's life and help them with overall healthy balance."

Holistic Medicine

Dr. Sandell Symptoms tell us our bodies are out of balance. Naturopathy, acupuncture & energy medicine

help restore balance to our organs and body for improved health.

Chronic illnesses that traditional Western medicine finds difficulty in resolving are often addressed more effectively through holistic medicine, producing longer lasting health after treatment.

Experience the difference more time and attention from your doctor creates. See what highly personalized care is really like. Stop putting up with discomfort, low energy, and less than optimal health. Come in and see the difference for yourself.

We accept most major health insurance.

Weight Loss Plans

Weight Loss

Contact us for a free weight loss consultation with our weight loss experts! Let us design a plan for you that matches your needs and lifestyle. We have a number of programs and options to ensure a great match!

Advance CareWe accept Advance Care, with up to 12 months interest free financing of services medical insurance may not cover, such as weight management. Ask us how you can apply for Advance Care health financing!